Make Renman Your Music Mentor

Private One On One Mentoring Sessions

If you are really serious about your career and are looking for a much more personal mentoring experience you can sign up up for Private One On One sessions. You can sign up for 30 Minute or 60 minute sessions. One On One Sessions allow me to get much more involved in helping you. These sessions are typically for artists and music pros that have already gotten started and who are facing critical decisions in their careers and who recognize that they need help from true professionals.

For aspiring artists I can offer a much more in depth critique and analysis of your music and presentation based on all my experience. I can also help you strategize on career development, marketing, and how to connect with the companies and professionals you’ll need to help you. When we are done I’ll send you a link to a recording of our session so you can reference it when you need to. 

But I want to be clear about what I won’t be doing as well. I will not be making calls on your behalf  or pitching you to companies and professionals in the music business or in any way acting as your manager or representative. In these mentoring sessions I will point you in the right direction but YOU will have to do the work.

To reserve a One On One Mentoring Session  confirm the service you’d like 30 minute or 60 minutes and then click Next. Then select a date and time. Then fill out the form that follows with your name, phone number, email and a brief description of what you are looking to discuss. Include any links to websites, Soundcloud, Youtube, and social media outlets.



*All available times are shown in your local time zone. Email confirmation will be sent immediately. If you do not see the email in your Inbox check your Spam Folder and add us to your approved senders. In addition, you’ll need to add ‘steve.rennie ” as a contact in Skype.