Make Renman Your Music Biz Mentor

Private One On One Mentoring Sessions

If you are really serious about your career and are looking for a much more personal mentoring experience you can sign up up for Private One On One sessions on Skype. You can sign up for 30 Minute or 60 minute sessions. One On One Sessions allow me to get much more involved in helping you. These sessions are typically for artists and music pros that have already gotten started and who are facing critical decisions in their careers and who recognize that they need help from true professionals.

For aspiring artists I can offer a much more in depth critique and analysis of your music and presentation based on all my experience. I can also help you strategize on career development, marketing, and how to connect with the companies and professionals you’ll need to help you. When we are done I’ll send you a link to a recording of our session so you can reference it when you need to. 

But I want to be clear about what I won’t be doing as well. I will not be making calls on your behalf  or pitching you to companies and professionals in the music business or in any way acting as your manager or representative. In these mentoring sessions I will point you in the right direction but YOU will have to do the work. 


“My decision to take the mentoring session with Steve was one of the smartest decisions I’ve made in my professional career.  As a manager, it allowed me not only to place my current projects in front of a major player, but also allowed for a no bull shit feedback session, where strengths and weaknesses were laid out in a direct and clear manner.  It also allowed me to place a slight crack into that “inner circle” we hear about all of the time.  You know, the gatekeeper types – and I plan on taking full advantage of my opening.  The main lesson I took away from it is this:  Don’t let yourself get in your own way.  If you have a quality product that you truly believe in, fucking go after it and get some responses.  Even if the response is a “no,” there’s as such thing as a good “no,” and all it takes is that one good “yes” to really set things off.  Shortly following my mentoring session, I’m already receiving some strong responses from some quality major labels and A&R’s, and I credit my mentoring session for facilitating the process exponentially.  Here’s to a bight future and here’s to The Renman!!”

Manager, Jared Cramblett

“As a successful lifetime music industry artist and professional, having known music managers, A&R reps, and entertainment attorneys, I thought I had a pretty good understanding of how they work.  Finding Renman MB’s website, mentoring with Steve and making a new friend, taught me how little I knew.  Steve “Renman’s success in the music business is a legend among the best and most successful in the industry.  For decades, it’s been one major success after another.  Steve is a mentor you can trust.

Renman MB is an absolute necessity for anyone who plans to succeed in the music industry from artists to Record label aficionados. You must learn what the actual music world is like to succeed, rather than counting on luck.  Fan magazines and movies about the music business will just put you on the wrong path.  Remember, they ‘re selling unrealistic fantasies for their benefit, not yours. 

Join Renman MB and learn everything Steve knows about your dreams and goals and use it.  Your success rate will be better and full of confidence, knowing that what you learn are bedrock fundamentals of the music business and this will serve you well.  Say hi to Ren for me and get the real stuff.”

Voice Coach, Brad Chapman

“I am a songwriter / producer from Vienna in europe. I choose to book Steve via online Skype Mentoring Sessions to not only learn more about the insides of the music business, but also to communicate on an eye- level basis with a professional. Steve is equipped with the right mixture of heart & intellect and can greatly help guide you in the right direction. I value his attitude and mindset because it comes from over 37 years of real life experience leads you to a sober understanding of the bigger picture we all want to participate in. My mentor sessions are still helping me along the way to keep the focus on what’s more important in my current musical climate.”

Artist/Songwriter-M. Kofler