Renman Live with MILES HUNT, singer of the WONDER STUFF on Renman Live Jan 18th (REPLAY)



My oldest son’s middle name is Miles. That’s not an accident. He was named after this gentlemen you see here. His name is Miles Hunt. He’s the singer of a band called the Wonder Stuff. And he and his band were the 2nd management client I ever worked with. And over the course of 4 years as their manager I learned more about managing artists than I could have ever imagined. Things to do, and things to never do. On this episode of Renman Live Miles and I talk about getting started, finding a manager and agent, signing publishing and record deals, how to build a touring business, making music, and living with other bandmembers. Pull up a chair, a cup of coffee or tea, a pen and paper and learn what it takes to go from making music in your bedroom to the biggest stages around.

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