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ASK RENMAN LIVE -March 15, 2017

In this week’s episode of Ask Renman long time music industry pro Steve “Renman” Rennie answers questions from aspiring artists and music professionals about today’s music business. In this segment he answers questions about finding an attorney or manager, networking with music pros, how to build a live business, 360 deals and more. If you missed this session stay tuned for upcoming events.

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Back in July of 2012 I started a webshow called Renman Live. The idea was pretty simple. I would invite some of my friends in the music business over to my office and we would talk about the music business and invite aspiring artists and music pros to be a part of the conversation. Since then, we’ve produced over 125 episodes with many of the smartest, most talented, most successful folks in the business, both artists and professionals (click HERE to see our Guest List).  If you’re looking to connect with some of the biggest and brightest leaders in today’s music business, tune into the show when I sit down with a our guests to answer all of your burning questions and talk about what it takes to succeed in this crazy music business. The only place you can do that is here at Renman MB. But you’ve got to be a member of the Renman MB community.