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Managers – Introduction (Preview)

Managers – Introduction (Preview)

I think most artists know that they need a manager. And there’s a good reason for it.

It’s the single most important decision an artist will make once the music is made.

Behind almost every great artist or band who’s had a long successful career is a great manager. When I think of great managers/artist teams I think of U2 and Paul McGuiness, Bon Jovi and Doc McGhee, Tom Petty and Tony Dimitriades, Neil Young had Elliott Roberts, Lady Gaga had Troy Carter and Justin Timberlake has Johnny Wright. But those artists and managers were lucky to find each other. Finding a great manager is tough.

When you are an artist acting as manager, the weight of making the music and handling the business gets overwhelming, it’s easy to get lost in the ‘who’ part of the manager equation.

  • Who do we want to manage us?
  • Who can we get to manage us?
  • Our friends in that band just got a manager. Who is he or she?


By the same token, there are lots of aspiring music professionals who see a successful artist and their manager and say I want to be the manager without knowing what that really means.  In this lesson we are going to talk in depth about managers.

But instead of focusing on who your manager will be,  we are going to focus first on the what, where, why, and when of the manager’s role.

Once you understand that it will make identifying who your manager will be a lot more obvious. While we are trying to identify who that manager will be, we’ll also talk about that artist manager relationship and how to get the most out of it whether you are an artist or a professional. And we are going to talk about how to get the attention of managers, the questions to ask when you meet with that manager, and some important things to think about when you hire your manager.

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