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Lesson #6 – Sequence of Songs & Singles (Preview)

Lesson #6 – Sequence of Songs & Singles (Preview)

Once you’ve decided on the formats you’ll release your record on, you’ll need to choose the songs that will be included on it and in what order those songs will appear.

For years artists grinded over the sequence of songs looking to set the perfect atmosphere for an album. And most of my favorite albums had such an undeniable flow that I would never have thought to play it any other way than the artist had intended. In today’s world, consumers have taken control of that music and arrange it any way they want which bums alot of artists out. But, it does not change the fact that the artists sequence the songs the way they heard them and it still matters.

When it comes to marketing you’ll need to identify what song (the single) you will lead with.

When you are thinking about a single its hugely important to get it right. If you think of your album or ep as a magic castle, that single is the key to that castle. If you pick the wrong key, your consumers won’t get past the front door and may never know what they are missing. Picking that single is typically one of the most hotly debated decisions you or the label will make. Picking your favorite track may not be the right call if that track can’t get you on radio or set the proper tone for a record and make people want to hear more. Figure out what your target is and make sure you pick a track that’s got a shot to hit it and you’ll be on your way.


Alex Da Kid on the Marketing Plan for Writing Songs

Grammy Award Winning Producer Alex Da Kid talks about writing songs for the singer or write the song and then find the singer, writing with someone in mind and the marketing plan at the same time. Click here to skip to the segment where he discusses the whole process.

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