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Lesson #3 – Music (Preview)

Lesson #3 – Music (Preview)

Let’s talk about the music, first about making the music and then what happens when you are done making the music.

If you recall back to our lesson about “Treating Your Career As A Business”, every successful business needs a great product. For artists that product is the music. I’m not a fan of writing songs for radio or to fit a marketing plan. I’d prefer to get great songs that are true to the artist and then figure out where they fit in.

When you are writing and recording the songs there are some things to consider that will impact how that record is marketed and where it fits in.

But, the fact of the matter is that the songs you record and the songs you put on an album or release as singles or EPs will definitely have an impact on what type of consumers might be interested and how you might market the record to them. For example, if you are making a hip hop album you might approach the marketing and what elements you might use one way. If you write rock songs it might suggest a different approach. EDM another. Once that record is done you’ll need to take what you’ve got and figure out where it might fit in, where you want to go and what it will take to get there.

But, it’s been my experience that at some point in the recording process, the record starts to take a certain shape.

And at that point somebody will need to start thinking about what the key songs of that record are and where they fit in the marketplace. Let me tell you why that’s important. If your goal is to get your music on the radio then you’ll need to ask yourself which songs are the likely candidates. If you feel like you don’t have them, then you’ll need to keep writing and recording. Radio stations typically have ‘restrictions’ that will have some impact on whether songs get airplay or not. Length of the song, banned words or subject content. If radio is not going to play songs over 4 minutes and all your songs are 8 minutes long that’s going to be a problem.

If getting on the radio is the priority you’ll need to write more songs or edit the ones you’ve got in some way.

The best time to do that is while you are still in recording mode, and before the album is mixed and mastered. If that is not something that feels right then you’ll have to accept that radio airplay is probably not going to be a piece of your plan and find some other ways to reach your audience.


Jack Hedges Talks About Getting the Music Right

No marketing plan can save a record, if no one wants to hear the music. Jack Hedges, Director of Marketing at for Canvasback Music talks about the importance of getting the music right if you want to give yourself your best chance for success.

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