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Welcome to Renman Music & Business

Hello. My name is Steve Rennie but my friends call me “Ren” or “Renman” for short. I’ve been working in the music business for over 37 years now as a concert promoter, record executive, Internet entrepreneur, and 16 years as manager for platinum selling rock band INCUBUS. I’ve been lucky enough to make all my music biz dreams come true and now I want to help you make your dreams come true as well by sharing my knowledge and experience in the music biz with up-and-coming artists and music professionals just like you. My mission as your music biz mentor is to turn you from Dreamer to a Doer.

To  do that I started this website called Renman Music & Business that is the home to Renman Live, a music industry webshow where I’ve interviewed over 130 of the smartest, most talented artists and music pros around. If you really want to succeed in the music biz you’ll need to know and meet the real ‘players’ who are making things happen. One of our members described watching the show as “like having lunch with a hundred of the smartest people in the music biz”.

Renman MB is also home to an online course I developed called the “Insider’s Guide to Today’s Music Business” that will teach you everything you need to know about today’s music biz to get started on your journey. It’s chock full of 150 plus video lessons on all the key topics of the music biz. What makes the course unique is that I’ve personally curated the best tips and advice from all those guests on Renman Live and included them in the course! The course truly is an ‘insider’s guide’ to how things work.


When you join the Renman MB community you can sign up for my “Insider’s Guide To Today’s Music Business” online course and start learning for free. You’ll also be added to our mailing list and you’ll get first notice of all upcoming online events including Live Q & A sessions and new Renman Live shows where you can interact with and ask questions of my guests. If you are looking to learn about the music biz make me your music biz mentor and sign up now!