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Back when I started this whole Renman Music and Business mess 3 and half years ago I recall having a conversation with Brandon Boyd that I think about frequently. I was complaining about how difficult it was to be the ‘front man’ as opposed to the behind the scenes ‘business guy/manager” and how it was turning me into a neurotic freakin wreck of a human being. He laughed and said something to the effect of “now you know how it feels to be in a band’.

And you know he was right except for one important point. Brandon was in a big successful band surrounded by a team of experienced, crack professionals who did their level best to make sure he could spend his time making and performing music. And for better or worse I was the captain of Brandon’s team. And for better or worse, because of that Mr. Boyd could spend his time doing what he did best.

Me. I’m fronting an indie band where ‘band’ members come and go, where I’m doing everything on a kiss and a promise, and counting on enthusiasm and love to fuel progress when I’d prefer to have a ‘grisly old mercenary’ (like myself) to take care of all that dirty work and just let me ‘sing’.

Sound familiar folks?

Well if you are an artist or a band looking for a manager, or if you are thinking you’d like to be the captain of that artist or band’s ship then I hope you’ll tune in to Renman Live this Wed Feb 10th at 10A PST.

Feb 10th Ask Renman Live YouTube LOW RES

I’m going to take you behind the wizard’s curtain and talk about what it is a manager really does, what makes a great manager, and how you can find one.

If you’ve got a question about managers you can click here, RSVP for the show and leave your question and I’ll do my best to answer it for you during the show.





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